Dedication Opportunities for Rabbi Francis Nataf's Next Book – Redeeming Relevance in the Book of Leviticus


Full Page                                                         $ 6,000

Half Page                                                        $ 3,500

Quarter Page                                                  $ 2,000

Special Mention                                               $ 500

Mention                                                              $ 250

Take part in this acclaimed series of contemporary commentary that is making an important contribution to how we study the Torah in our day.

Read what others have said:

Rabbi Nataf brings to his analysis … a creativity born of deep respect for the Biblical text... as well as an acute awareness of perplexing moral dilemmas. Happily, he is thus relevant even as his insights are redemptive. –Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm, Yeshiva University

[This] serious and sensitive initiative to cope with the substantive issues as well as with their educational ramifications deserves the respect of a broad range of readers. Rabbi Nataf’s fresh voice is one the Torah world will find well worth reading. –Rabbi Dr. Aharon Lichtentstein, Rosh haYeshiva, Yeshivat Har Etzion

"Rabbi Francis Nataf has once again provided us with penetrating studies about the reality of human existence in the Torah and the great message and relevance of the Biblical stories in our day-to-day life. He engages us with the words of the Divine text and the great Biblical figures…human beings who try to live in the presence of God." –Rabbi Dr. Nathan Lopes Cardozo, Dean, David Cardozo Academy

'The second volume of Rabbi Francis Nataf's exploration of the Bible is filled with insights and is a fresh take on an ancient text. The bottom line is that Nataf's analysis is impressive and brings something new to Biblical scholarship...' –Rabbi Aharon E. Wexler, Jewish Bible Quarterly

Rabbi Francis Nataf has succeeded admirably at taking the shiurim on Bereshit he has given over many years and putting them in an engaging and readable form. His discussions … raise useful and worthwhile questions about the text, lead readers through the search for solutions by adducing sources that grant the sought-after insight, and end with practical lessons that bring the theoretical analysis into the real. –Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein, Lookstein Digest

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